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Dailybook (Journal/Diary) for iPhone + iPad
    Dailybook iPhone iPad iOS
Simple and visually striking Journal. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Your events and memorable moments can be organized with unlimited photos, audio recordings and tags. It also supports multiple entries per day including past or future dates.

  • Universal - iPhone and iPad
  • Backup/Restore via Dropbox or iTunes File Sharing
  • Photos (with Caption) can be viewed full screen and zoomed in
  • Record Audios with Subject Description
  • Tags by keywords
  • Bookmark special events
  • Date and time stamp
  • Calendar View
  • Password Protection
  • Multiple Books
  • Text Formatting - fonts, sizes, colors and symbols
  • Search by keywords and/or Tags
  • Share entries to Facebook
  • Export all events or individual selection
  • Export events by Email, PDF including Photos, Audios and Tags
Dailybook iPhone iPad iOS   Dailybook iPhone iPad iOS

Daily Mood for iPhone/iPad
Meet Daily Mood

Simple way to list moods daily.
  Daily Mood Chart Happy Smile Faces
Daily Mood Chart Happy Smile Faces   Features:
  • Universal - iPhone and iPad
  • Sync via iCLoud to iPhone and iPad apps
  • Quick Notes to describe mood
  • Reminders
  • Helps daily to see changes
Daily Mood iPad Chart

iVenting for iPad    
iVenting is a fun tool to let off steam in a quiet and reserved visual manner by viewing images and sounds.

Images and sounds
Option to enable/disable sound
Choose a mood category
View expression, image with/without sound
Replay sound for selected image

Conyers - Our Loving Mother for iPhone    
On November 30, 1987, while Nancy was in silent prayer of the heart in her home, the Crucifix was illuminated in a bright whiter than white light. The image of the corpus was engulfed in light and became lifelike.

Nancy looked away a few times but each time the image of light remained. She asked, "Who are you?” never realizing that she would have an answer or understanding. She heard internally, "I am Jesus, Son of the living God." No words on earth could explain that moment. Nancy said what do you ask of me? Jesus said, "To bear witness that I am the Living Son of God." After those words were spoken, the lifelike image and light was no longer visible.

Nancy continued to be blessed with more and more mystical experiences. An Angel preceded the Blessed Mother (Our Loving Mother) visits to Nancy. Apparitions of the Blessed Mother occurred from 1990 to 1998. Presently she continues to be blessed with visions particularly during the Holy Mass.

Daily Reading - Daily random reading from the messages.
Readings that fall on today's date - Anniversary messages on the 13ths are shown if there are no past messages for today.

Prayers - 9 categories containing 72 prayers.

Holy Card - Picture of Our Loving Mother containing the Angel of Peace prayer.

Email Us - Send email prayer requests, conversion, letters, correspondence, questions and suggestions.

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Daily Mood
Daily Mood
Daily Mood for iPhone + iPad is available now from the App Store - only US $1.99
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iVenting for iPad is available now from the App Store - only US $0.99
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Conyers for iPhone is available now from the App Store - Free
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