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On November 30, 1987, while Nancy was in silent prayer of the heart in her home, the Crucifix was illuminated in a bright whiter than white light. The image of the corpus was engulfed in light and became lifelike.

Nancy looked away a few times but each time the image of light remained. She asked, "Who are you?” never realizing that she would have an answer or understanding. She heard internally, "I am Jesus, Son of the living God." No words on earth could explain that moment. Nancy said what do you ask of me? Jesus said, "To bear witness that I am the Living Son of God." After those words were spoken, the lifelike image and light was no longer visible.

Nancy continued to be blessed with more and more mystical experiences. An Angel preceded the Blessed Mother (Our Loving Mother) visits to Nancy. Apparitions of the Blessed Mother occurred from 1990 to 1998. Presently she continues to be blessed with visions particularly during the Holy Mass.

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